The Phonecode program was devised by Lutz Prechelt for comparing versions
written in several programming languages.  The original paper is:

   An Empirical Comparison of Seven Programming Languages

The gilda implementation consists of 5 files.
The code is well commented and includes error handling to demonstrate the use
of Gilda's exception handling mechanism.

   phonecode.clg      - The class file
   phonecode.g        - Top level driver
   load.dictionary.g  - Read in the dictionary file     - Print out phone number encodings
   partial.g          - A sequence to match numeric prefixes

There are also two files that were automatically generated by translating "phonecode.g".
The "phonecode.clg" file was also generated and then modified by hand.


Here is a zip file with all the files, test data, and a Windows executable.
If you feed illegal input into the program you will be able to see the
exceptions being processed.